• "The social and solidarity economy is a dream that we are dreaming for 200 years. [...] It's up to us to combine our skills and bring together our efforts."

    - Paul Singer, National Secretary of the Solidarity Economy in Brazil

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    COSPE Onlus
    National Office
    Via Slataper, 10
    50134 Firenze - Italy
Tel.: +39 055 473556
    Email: info@remove-this.solidarityeconomy.remove-this.eu

    Board of directors: Fulvio Vicenzo

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    Project Partners:

    The Co-operative College

    Holyoake House, Hanover Street

    Manchester M60 0AS, UK

    Tel.: +44161 819 3000

    Email: Enquiries@remove-this.co-op.ac.remove-this.uk


    Think Global

    CAN Mezzanine, 32-36 Loman Street
    London SE1 0EH, UK

    Tel.: +4420 3751 3000

    Email: info@remove-this.think-global.org.remove-this.uk


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    The Co-operative College

    The Co-operative College is an educational charity based in Manchester which is dedicated to the promotion of co-operative values, ideas and principles within co-operatives, communities and society. The College brings to the project extensive experience working to capacity-build among co-operatives in the developing world, as well as its involvement in international co-operative networks and partnerships with transnational bodies.

    The College is compiling best case studies of co-operatives and social enterprises in the North West and North East of England, as well as overseeing best practice case studies in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.


    Think Global

    Think Global is an education charity based in London which helps people to understand global issues and stands for a more just and sustainable world. Think Global’s work includes working to raise teachers’ awareness and effectiveness in development education, and creating global learning resources for schools.

    For SUSY, Think Global is compiling case studies of co-operatives and social enterprises in London and the South East of England.


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